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Monaco's position on the F1 calendar has been under increased scrutiny over recent weeks, with rumours suggesting that contract negotiations have stalled.

Monte Carlo is a venue with immense historical significance, and both parties seem motivated to reach an agreement to solidify Monaco's place in F1.

However, several points of contention have been raised, mainly concerning certain privileges the Principality boasts. The most notable of these is that the race director for the Monaco GP is selected independently. 

Toto Wolff, however, expects the F1 circus to return to Monaco next year, as quoted by racefans:

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"I think there is a commercial debate to be held, but both parties clearly will find a compromise because we need Monaco and Monaco needs Formula 1."

The Mercedes team principal also gave his suggestions to improve the circuit:

"If a car can really slow down by almost five seconds and hold everybody up, it's just a shame for the racing here.

So maybe we can look at the track layout or things we can do so we're not having  a procession and it's basically a strategy game of a qualifying race."

Regardless of changes, it is unlikely Monaco will ever become a track renowned for overtaking, but it seems possible F1 will return to the Principality next year.