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Despite having relatively little to talk about regarding on-track results, Williams finds itself at the heart of F1's driver market discussion. 

Alongside Oscar Piastri's anticipated arrival to Williams, reports have emerged that the British squad will switch to Renault engines as a part of this deal. 

There were talks about Renault entering discussions with Williams as engine suppliers at the start of 2021, as the French team searched for a customer team following the loss of Red Bull. 

Fast-forward to the summer of 2022, and there are several indications that Renault could again power Williams.

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Oscar Piastri's move to the team is at the heart of this reported agreement. Spanish Journalist Sergio Rodriguez believes Williams will receive Renault's engines at a discounted price if they sign the Alpine prodigy for next season. 


This deal is seen as a win-win scenario. Alpine will benefit tremendously from having a customer team, which they can use to collect data and push up the grid for the remainder of these regulations. The French outfit has a solid foundation to build from, so resuming relations with this old partner to further their development seems plausible. 

Mercedes have also been public about their intentions to reduce its number of customer teams, with Toto Wolff telling the Financial Times last month about the difficulties of supplying three other teams. 

Williams would have to build their car around a new Renault engine, so this move would in no way be risk-free. However, Renault's engine is competitive, especially given the recent decline of Mercedes power, so it seems things are falling into place for a return to Williams-Renault power. 

This deal is far from confirmed, but with the first half of the season approaching its conclusion, the accuracy of these reports will surely be verified in upcoming weeks and months.