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Aston Martin's upcoming Barcelona upgrade package has been speculated about for weeks, with the team taking just six points from five races. However, reports suggest only one 'B-spec' car will be available following several incidents in Australia, alongside logistical difficulties.'s recent update has sent social media into disarray, with delays in Aston Martin's upgrade development potentially preventing both drivers from receiving upgrades in Spain. 

Despite relatively impressive performances in Imola and Miami, Aston Martin will be looking to establish themselves as legitimate midfield threats moving forward this season.'s report contains the infamous words from Aston's Performance Director at the start of the season: 

"We are already working on a different car from the one on track now". 

The description of a "different car" was likely somewhat hyperbolic, but it provided Aston Martin's relatively dejected fanbase with some hope after a catastrophic start to the season.

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Indeed, Aston Martin has diverted significant resources to turn around their fortunes, with even pre-season suggesting the AMR22 was lacking pace. 

With this said, the possibility of Aston Martin only providing the upgrade for one driver - and that driver being Lance Stroll - has received hefty backlash, even before being confirmed officially. 


There is an argument that the 'number one driver' at the team should always be first to receive upgrades for a team to understand the potential gains of updates best. 

Regardless of whether Stroll receiving the upgrade package first is the correct decision, Aston Martin can use Barcelona as a unique opportunity to compare their old and 'new-spec' machines simultaneously. 

Given their current position, Aston Martin's objectives will be to threaten the likes of Haas and Alpha Tauri.

These were unlikely the teams Aston Martin wanted to establish as rivals heading into 2022 but will likely serve as reasonable targets for the team to hunt down after their difficult start.