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Oscar Piastri has been the talk of F1's paddock for the last 6 months, as reports intensify that he will drive for Williams next season. 

However, Piastri can expect to drive an F1 car before 2023, as all teams are now mandated to allow rookie drivers to compete in free practice at last twice this season.

F1 defines a 'rookie' as a driver who has not driven in more than two F1 races in their career. Given that Piastri fits this criterion, and Alpine's eagerness to give him as much track time as possible, it seems guaranteed that he will have at least one FP1 run with the team. 

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According to Spanish Journalist Sergio Rodriguez, the British GP weekend is when Piastri will make his FP1 debut.

Though unconfirmed, this report seems likely, given that the French squad is yet to fulfil any of their mandatory rookie FP1 sessions this year.

In addition to this, Silverstone has been previously mentioned in the media as the Grand Prix weekend where Piastri will be announced as a Williams driver for 2023. 

It should be stressed that F1's silly season generates a great variety of rumours, and so there is no guarantee Silverstone will be the circuit Piastri makes his debut. 

However, the consistency and increasing intensity of rumours all point towards Piastri hitting the track soon, and a free practice run seems a logical step for the Australian.