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Mick Schumacher's season so far has been a difficult one. He is yet to score points for this season and is struggling to match the results of his teammate Kevin Magnussen.

As expected in F1, poor performances have led to criticism of the German driver, and scrutiny has intensified over his long-term security within the team.

Haas's Guenther Steiner has generally avoided publicly criticising Schumacher. However, following the Monaco GP, Haas's team principal admitted that recent results were "not satisfactory" and that improvements are necessary. 

Speaking to Sky Germany, Guenther Steiner pushed back against suggestions that Mick Schumacher's position with the team is under threat:

"The camp is being divided. The division of the team from the outside is not good for Mick. There is a lot of unrest from outside

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I'm trying to keep the pressure off Mick.

It's almost chalked up to us that we're to blame for everything. I don't think we're that. We want Mick to be successful. I don't think the fronts are hardened.

We're a team. I need Mick. Mick needs us. Together we can be strong. If we don't work together, we can't do it."

Despite Schumacher's struggles this year, it still seems unlikely he will be replaced at Haas, given Ferrari's influence on the American team. 

Schumacher definitely hasn't shown himself to be Ferrari calibre at this stage, but there have been very few suggestions of a replacement for the youngster.

Still, unless the German's performances improve quickly, justifying his future with Haas seems increasingly difficult.