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Mattia Binotto has already voiced concerns about Red Bull's spending this season, stating that their current development cannot be sustained at this level within the budget cap:

"I hope, because there is a budget cap, that at some stage Red Bull will stop developing. Otherwise, I think I will not understand how they can do that."

Ferrari's Team Principal has cast doubt over Red Bull's impressive progression to start the season, questioning how much longer the Austrian team can continue their current trajectory before expending the majority of their budget.


Other teams have expressed similar concerns about enforcing the budget cap in general, given that complete transparency will be required for the FIA to monitor what teams are spending.

More recently, reports that Ferrari is ready to present a report to the FIA detailing the expenses of each team at the start of the season. 

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This report will primarily consist of Ferrari's estimations on other teams, as the Scuderia looks for a better understanding of where their rivals stand.

Ferrari is not specifically protesting Red Bull, though Red Bull's strong start has undoubtedly motivated the Italian giants to formulate this document.

Helmut Marko has responded to suggestions that Red Bull has already spent most of its development budget.

Marko maintains that Red Bull is not in a "very different position than Ferrari" regarding development spending.

Marko also remarked that he wonders "what the effect will be of Carlos Sainz, who crashed his car significantly several times. That will not be cheap", commented the Austrian. 

Ultimately, there will be further developments when Ferrari submits this report.

Regardless of this, the budget cap will almost certainly become a recurring theme throughout the season as teams ask for clarity on rivals' spending.