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Max Verstappen's F1 career is already filled with numerous victories and accolades, having been identified as a generational talent by Red Bull as a teenager. 

With that said - and despite his young age - he has spent a long time in F1 before having championship-winning machinery, whilst also dedicating much of his childhood to racing. 

In an interview with Channel 4, Max Verstappen detailed some of his experiences on the journey to F1:

"My dad [Jos Verstappen] never said I was gonna be a champion.


He was always the opposite. He'd tell me I was going to be a truck driver or a bus driver. 

He was always, in a good way I think, making me realise that what I was doing at the time was not enough.

I was winning my races and stuff, but he said it's not enough to be successful in Formula 1. 

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You can't rely on your talent only to be the best. I think slowly, of course, throughout my go-kart career, he realised I started to work harder for it. 

I think still, to my dad's liking, until Formula 1, I did not work hard enough in his eyes because I am a bit more relaxed compared to him in terms of how I approach a weekend...


But I think that prepared me, in a way, very well for criticism or just positive noise because I didn't really care. I was just very neutral. I don't really care if it's negative and I don't care if it's positive. 

It doesn't really bring me anything. Am I going to think I can walk on water and become arrogant?

It's better just to be in the middle and focus on both sides and what you can control in the car." 

Verstappen's ability and consistency have only improved throughout his career, becoming almost a guaranteed podium finisher over the past three years. 

His focus on racing from a young age is surely a reason for his current mentality and relentlessness, though few would envy the intensity and pressure he has coped with for much of his life. 

Looking ahead to the Austrian GP, the Dutchman will look to take victory at a circuit where he already has an exceptional record.