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As F1 approaches the business end of the Monaco GP weekend, Max Verstappen believes Ferrari holds a pace advantage over the rest of the field.

The Monte Carlo circuit has traditionally been a strong track for Red Bull, with the Dutchman taking victory at the Principality en route to his world championship in 2021. 

However, Ferrari's speed at Monte Carlo was already very impressive in 2021, as evidenced by Charles Leclerc's bitter-sweet Pole Position and Carlos Sainz taking P2 in the main race.

Considering the F1-75 has shown itself to be very effective in low-speed corners, Max Verstappen was unsurprised by the Scuderia's pace in Friday practice, though he admitted the deficit was bigger than expected:

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"I think I was a little bit happier in FP1 than FP2 and yes of course, if you have a little bit of a better balance, you can attack a bit more and of course, your lap time comes out a bit better.

Clearly, compared to Ferrari we have to find a little bit more – and now it’s also about finding my balance as well."

Red Bull still has FP3 to improve their set-up before qualifying begins, and with the importance of qualifying well in the Principality quite self-explanatory, the Austrian team will push to position itself as a contender for what many describe as the best qualifying session in F1.