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Mercedes' Toto Wolff has found himself at the centre of the debate surrounding porpoising and the FIA's recent technical directive. 

Following the conclusion of the Azerbaijan GP, health concerns became increasingly prevalent as the long-term consequences of porpoising on the health of drivers became an increasing concern. 

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Toto Wolff spoke to gpfans about his frustration about the rhetoric surrounding the FIA's technical directive:

"The political manoeuvring that has been going on doesn't consider what is at the core of this topic.

At the core of this topic is that, since the beginning of the season, race drivers have been complaining about pain to drive these cars.

Back pain, blurred vision - we are talking about micro-concussions and people are giving their feedback.

In literally every team - I think just Alfa Romeo and Williams haven't heard anything from - drivers have referred to the topic and it is something that we just need to tackle, whatever the solution is."