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Whilst Mercedes will be disappointed they are currently out of title contention, this year is only a blip after their unprecedented domination of F1 over the last eight years. 

The Silver Arrows have established themselves as the standard in F1, shattering record after record in the hybrid era and relentlessly chasing improvement. 

Many would describe Mercedes' dominance, particularly from 2014-16, as detrimental to the sport.

Though there have been several eras of dominance in F1 beforehand, the German squad's championship-winning run certainly made the sport very predictable.

However, as quoted by The Independent, Toto Wolff believes Red Bull and Ferrari's strong start in these new regulations are making F1 less entertaining:

"I think the reason why races have less entertainment is because there is just too much performance gap between the teams.

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"If you have Verstappen disappearing in a distance, the two Ferraris being the only entertainment during the race and then we are in the middle of nowhere in no man’s land.

"Then the others are further behind, and then you have DRS trains. That can never make a good sprint race."

Despite the irony of Toto Wolff highlighting the "performance gap" between teams, Mercedes deserve credit for their success in F1. 

In such a ruthless sport, the Silver Arrows have no reason to apologise for their mastery of the hybrid era, even if this led to an underwhelming product for the fans. 

That said, Toto Wolff's comments are baffling, given that the quality of racing has objectively improved this season. 

It would be unrealistic to expect every race under these regulations to provide blockbuster entertainment, given that F1 - nor any sport - cannot guarantee a phenomenal spectacle at every event. 

Still, with exciting battles throughout the field, Formula 1 is in a fantastic position, although - as with anything - there is room for improvement.