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As the 7-time World Champion approaches the final years of his career, there have inevitably been conversations about whether he will extend his current contract with Mercedes. 

Hamilton's current Mercedes deal expires at the end of 2023, at which point he will have to sign a new contract to continue racing in the sport.

The Silver Arrows have failed to replicate their domination at the start of the hybrid era for the start of these new regulations, finding themselves as the third-fastest team. 

This has led to speculation that unless Mercedes can provide Lewis Hamilton with a machine capable of winning championships, he may lose interest in staying with the team beyond 2023. 

Toto Wolff shut down the idea of discussing a contract extension with Hamilton at this relatively early stage:

"Are we starting talking 2024 contracts? In June 2022?

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No, we are in a happy place with Lewis, and there is no doubt that we are embarking on the season and the next one in a good place. 


But it's too early to discuss 2024. Having said that, I couldn't wish for a better driver pairing. 

I can say that within the team, [Hamilton] was always very positive in his mindset. How the two work together [Hamiltona and Russell] is really astonishing; in the briefings, they keep asking each other questions. 

I guess it's going to be different if you race at the very front."

Despite Hamilton's points deficit to George Russell, he has still displayed tremendous pace this season and could continue operating at the highest level for many years. 

Fernando Alonso is an obvious example of how age is by no means a limiting factor, but what will be critical for Hamilton's future in F1 is motivation. 

Considering Hamilton has spent most of his career contending for championships, Mercedes must ensure they can close the gap to Red Bull and Ferrari in 2023.