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The FIA's technical directive has served as a quick response to concerns and complaints from teams about the effects of porpoising on drivers' health. 

To address the excessive porpoising experienced by drivers, the FIA plans to implement an objective way of measuring the oscillations experienced by drivers, which will likely be defined as a maximum g-force limit.

The FIA will work with teams to quantify a "quantitative limit for [an] acceptable level of vertical oscillations", which will be implemented at this weekend's Canadian GP, per AMuS

2022 Spanish Grand Prix Saturday (2)

It is still unclear how this upper limit will be determined. This is significant because the degree to which the FIA tolerates porpoising will undoubtedly impact how severely teams are affected by this technical directive.  

Perhaps the greatest merit of this regulation change is that it addresses concerns over driver safety whilst also rewarding teams who have better tackled porpoising this season. 

Red Bull is the obvious beneficiary of this change, as they can already run their optimum set-ups with minimal levels of porpoising. 

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Teams such as Mercedes will be the worst affected, as the Silver Arrows have had to accept relatively severe porpoising levels to maximise lap time. 

While Mercedes could control porpoising in Catalunya, they have consistently resorted to using set-ups that generate uncomfortably levels of porpoising throughout the season. 

The teams whose best performances come at the expense of porpoising will be forced to change their set-up to the FIA's "safe set-up" and ride height, compromising pure speed for safety. 

The FIA's recommended safe set-ups will vary between teams, as different cars can run with different ride heights and aerodynamic settings without experiencing porpoising. 


Aston Martin's AMR22 has proven relatively well equipped to minimise porpoising, whilst the likes of Alpine and Alfa Romeo have also had a good handle on this phenomenon from the start of the season. 

McLaren's relationship with porpoising has varied somewhat, though it is unlikely this regulation will be detrimental to them. 

It remains uncertain how significantly these changes will affect the field, but it is unlikely the effects will cause a massive shift in the pecking order.