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South Africa's return to the F1 calendar has been a topic of conversation for several years, with Stefano Domenicali often highlighting the heritage and importance of the Kyalami circuit. 

Stefano Domenicali made a trip to South Africa just two weeks ago, where discussions were no doubt held about a return to Johannesburg.

The 2023 calendar still has several unfilled slots, with both the Belgian and French GP described as potential drop-outs as Liberty Media looks to change the composition of its schedule.


Another report has highlighted the likelihood of a return to the African continent next season, with Joe Saward confident F1 will race in Kyalami in 2023:

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"The shape of the 2023 calendar may be a little different to today, but the signs are that it will begin with a big test/F1 launch in Bahrain, followed a week later by the first race.

There will be a weekend off before a race in Saudi Arabia, followed immediately by Australia.

It is not clear what will happen after that because this is the time when China would be fitted in, perhaps back-to-back with Baku, or with South Africa slotting in there."

A more versatile combination of races can be expected in Formula 1 moving forward, with Liberty Media's new direction placing a clear emphasis on expanding into new corners of the globe. 

The addition of Miami and Las Vegas are quite obvious examples of the emphasis placed on the sport growing in the American market, whilst the extension of Shanghai's contract is surely tied to hopes that Zhou Guanyu can lead the growth of the sport in the region.

Regarding Kyalami, all indications suggest the lights are about to go from amber to green on a potential South African GP.