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Sergio Perez suffered a session-ending qualifying incident at last weekend's Canadian GP. At the time, it did not seem too worrying an impact, with the Mexican driver getting out of his car and competing in the race the next day. 

However, the Red Bull driver has revealed that he suffered a strong contracture as a result of the incident, which he is now working to overcome before the upcoming British GP. 

Perez will be in rehabilitation therapy to help improve his condition, but still aims to be at 100% for Silverstone, as he told Fox Sports Mexico:

"The start of the week is always hard after such a bad day, but I'm fine, recovering from my neck because I have a strong contracture after the crash, which I didn't feel.

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It hurt a lot, but in general, everything was fine. 

Each race is different. Right now, I am preparing for the strong contracture I had in my neck, and I don't exercise. I am in pure neck therapy to be at Silverstone at 100%. 

Each race works differently because your body is in a different state all the time. There are times that you have to push more cardio, strength or resistance. 

So you always work different things, in 'back-to-backs' [races] it's very regenerative recovery."