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Sebastian Vettel has possibly had the worst luck of any driver this F1 season. Not only did he miss the first two races due to testing positive with COVID-19, but he then had a number of incidents that didn't exactly start him in good stead.

In fact, Aston Martin wasn't looking so good as a whole, sitting last in the Constructor Standings with no points to their name before the beginning of last weekend. But the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix shone some light on the team as Vettel and his teammate Lance Stroll both brought home points finishing 8th and 10th respectively. 

I think we all let out a sigh of relief as the legendary Sebastian Vettel finally showed us a race without a bout of bad luck. And it sounds as if Vettel did exactly the same thing, too. 

He said:

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“For us, it’s like a victory. To be honest, we are not the fastest at the minute. I think we are pretty much at the other side of the field, but we did really well.

“The weekend helped us with the conditions, but we managed to capitalise. We did great job on calling for the dries, and everybody else then I think copied what we did.”

The four-time world champion outperformed the likes of Lewis Hamilton - not quite the boast it used to be, of course - reaching Q3 in qualifying and moving from 13th place to 8th as the race continued. Aston Martin nailed the strategy, with Vettel being the second out on slick tyres, and while he was overtaken by Yuki Tsunoda of AlphaTauri and an annoyed Charles Leclerc, he was happy to put up a fight.  

Throughout the weekend, Vettel and Aston Martin didn’t make any mistakes. The four-time World Champion reached Q3 ahead of the likes of both Mercedes. Climbing from 13th to eighth during the race, they nailed their strategy.

“Obviously, there was no chance to hold Charles off in the end, he was like four seconds faster, three seconds faster, but we did well,” he told the press.

"If you told us that we are fighting a Ferrari with four laps to go before the race, I would have taken it.”

With Aston grabbing these points last weekend, this is the first time since 2018 that all 10 teams have scored points before the fifth race of the season. There's no doubt that these new regulations have given us closer and more even racing, but you must admit, the porpoising is getting a little old.