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George Russell's performances in 2022 have been extremely impressive, with the 24-year-old competing fiercely with teammate Lewis Hamilton throughout the season. 

Whilst some point to the fact that Hamilton has become something of a "guinea pig" at Mercedes, it would be unfair to dismiss Russell's successes this season as being solely the result of the team experimenting with his teammate's set-up. 

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It is certainly true that Hamilton has been willing to take extreme setups to unlock the potential of the W13, but Russell has also taken part in this process of experimentation. Overall, he has proven many of those questioning his ability to be wrong. 

Russell praise aside, the youngster is cautious about the expectations he sets for the British GP, as he told Motorsport Week:

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"I'd link to thing the high-speed nature [of Silverstone] should suit us more, but there's no guarantees. 

Every single track we've got to has sort of thrown an unknown at us. We're facing different issues every single race we go to. I'd like to think we'd be more competitive, but I don't know. 

We solve one issue, and we fall into another trap. Porpoising has been solved, but then we do run the car close to the ground, and we're hitting the ground quite aggressively. There doesn't seem to be any sweet spot at the moment."

Regardless of Russell's scepticism, a tremendous amount of importance has been given to the team's performance at Silverstone, with the general expectation being that Mercedes will step forward. 

Toto Wolff has also tried to tone down the hype surrounding the British GP, aware of how small the window of opportunity is for Mercedes. 

Irrespective of the attempts from Mercedes to control the narrative ahead of the upcoming GP, it will be difficult to avert the attention from the progress - or lack thereof - the Silver Arrows make.