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Daniel Ricciardo has reportedly asked McLaren for a significant $21 million in order to accept the buy-out of his contract. 

This information comes from, revealing that the 33-year-old has put a sizable price tag on the premature termination of his agreement with the team.

It has already been established that Ricciardo's contract with McLaren is structured to give him control over whether he leaves or continues with the team.

So with McLaren looking to secure Oscar Piastri's services for 2023, they must pay the price if they are to break the contract currently in place with Ricciardo and make his seat available. 

McLaren is now in an awkward position, as they also face potential legal costs in the very likely scenario that Alpine takes the dispute over Oscar Piastri's contract to court. 

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There are still many components of this transfer window to be resolved, with the most important being how the disagreement between McLaren and Alpine over Piastri is settled.

It could be a costly summer for McLaren, with also highlighting the possibility of an indemnity clause in their deal with Piastri, meaning they would pay any legal costs or compensation to Alpine. 

This hectic sequence of events, with Piastri at the centre, could cost McLaren tens of millions, as Alpine will be determined to get the compensation they believe is owed to them after having their star driver taken from under their noses. 

At the heart of this debacle is a very aggressive move from McLaren to acquire Piastri's services, clearly willing to suffer substantial costs to secure a Norris-Piastri partnership for 2023. 

Ricciardo, meanwhile, can ask for whatever financial sum he sees fit.

McLaren has already committed itself to Piastri, so they will have little choice but to agree to the 8-time race winner's terms unless they want to wait until 2024 for Piastri's arrival. 

Speaking of 2024, the legal battle McLaren faces can be attributed to their haste to put pen to paper with Piastri before the end of Ricciardo's contract, which could complicate their preparation for next year.