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Daniel Ricciardo's stint at McLaren has been painful. He has failed to establish himself as a team leader, with his teammate Lando Norris outperforming him in qualifying and race. 

The British GP was another of many races where the Australian struggled, plagued by a lack of pace and mechanical issues that saw him leave Silverstone empty-handed. 

Ricciardo detailed his issues post-race:

"Zero pace, To be honest, a little bit like Barcelona where I just didn't seem to operate at the same level of grip as the cars around me.

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Little bit confused by that at the moment – it's clear what I felt, but the reasons why… not sure. I could just feel it through the tyres as well, trying to carry speed.

So, hopefully, we find some answers because obviously, it's a quick turnaround until Austria. Then we had an issue with DRS, which meant I couldn't use it after lap 31, which was also a bit of a shame.

Obviously, it's tough to overtake with that as well – but simply, we weren't really quick enough anyway today. It was a bit of a lonely afternoon."

Ricciardo is now in desperate need of points, as he sits over 40 points behind his teammate. 

McLaren's mechanical issues have not helped Ricciardo's plight this year, but the issue of his fundamental lack of pace is a far more pressing issue to resolve for both parties. 

There are three races - including a sprint - in July, so both parties must ensure they address their issues if they are to maintain P4 in the constructors amidst Alpine's resurgence.