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The Spa-Francorchamps circuit is one of the most historic and beloved on the calendar, but it seems this will do little to protect its place in F1 moving forward. 

A report from the Belgian outlet has warned against the difficulties facing the renewal of Spa's contract with Liberty Media, as the 2023 calendar is closer to being finalised.

It is believed that at least one of F1's European venues could lose their positions on the calendar, as the sport looks beyond the continent for new additions to the calendar.


Despite rumours suggesting the French GP could be held in Nice moving forward, all indications suggest that the Circuit Paul Ricard could host the final F1 Grand Prix in France for some time. 

Monaco's future is also in doubt, with privileges previously enjoyed by the Principality wearing thin on Stefano Domenicali and Liberty Media.

Still, the consensus is that the Monte Carlo circuit will agree to an extension, albeit after giving up certain luxuries such as employing its own race director. 

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Austria is another European circuit without a contract for 2023, but there are few doubts the Red Bull-owned track will return to the calendar next year. 

Spa's slot in F1 next year could be dependent on whether the likes of Kyalami or Shanghai find themselves on the 2023 calendar. Upcoming negotiations will decide the former, whilst the covid situation will likely impact the latter. 

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Zandvoort's inclusion in the calendar has provided Liberty Media with an alternative venue to Spa in the same region, generating immense fan attendance and - from a purely commercial perspective - making the Belgian GP replaceable. 

This is not to say F1 will not receive backlash if Spa does not continue on the calendar, but controversy has hardly been a barrier in some of the sport's recent decisions. 

The Belgian GP's fate is by no means sealed, with recent investment into the circuit demonstrating the active involvement of organisers to improve on areas of weakness. 

However, Hockenheim's exit from the calendar was a perfect example of the financial difficulties facing Grand Prix organisers.

Given several options F1 has available, it does not seem impossible for the Belgian GP to lose its slot, at least for some time.