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Red Bull's recovery after a difficult start to the year has been commendable, with the Austrian team catapulting itself to an 80-points advantage over Ferrari in the F1 constructors' standings.

A combination of factors has contributed to Red Bull's resurgence, one of which has been their improved reliability, allowing them to capitalise on mistakes and retirements from rivals. 

German outlet AMuS has identified another area of potential improvement for Red Bull, this being the RB18's weight.

Red Bull's machine is estimated to be 8kg over the minimum weight, a significant amount at this stage of the season.

This is especially important because Ferrari's F1-75 is reportedly very close to F1's minimum weight of 798kg, making the RB18's weight an area for the Milton Keynes squad to gain time on their Italian rivals. 

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It should not be assumed that Red Bull will eliminate this excess weight immediately, but an estimated two and a half tenths could be gained if Red Bull can get closer to the minimum weight.

In this case, Red Bull's limiting factor could be the budget cap, as the Austrian squad must prioritise where it allocates its funds in an era where spending in F1 is limited.

Red Bull's reputation for solid mid-season development has been validated by their progression this season, so it is of little surprise that they are favourites for the championship, given their recent form. 

However, it would be unwise to write off Ferrari so early in the season, especially since Red Bull's reliability gremlins were exposed recently. 

The team must identify aspects of the RB18 that can still be optimised as the Austrian squad looks to secure another strong result in Canada.