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Otmar Szfanauer was quizzed on Alpine's plans for Oscar Piastri, as the Australian is still without a confirmed seat for 2023. 

It will be a priority for the French squad to secure a seat for one of the most exciting young talents in racing as the window of opportunity closes for Alpine to deliver on their promise to secure Piastri an F1 drive. 

Whilst there will be some waiting until a definitive announcement is made addressing Piastri's destination for 2023, there has been extensive reporting on the Formula 2 Champion's first Free Practice outing this year. 

Every team in F1 is now mandated to give at least two rookie drivers a Free Practice session every year as part of the sport's push to provide greater opportunities to young drivers. 

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Oscar Piastri's name will surely be the first on Alpine's shortlist for these Friday sessions, which will only improve Piastri's preparation for his first full-time drive in F1, which Otmar Szafnauer has guaranteed will come next year. 

Oscar Piastri in Melbourne (1)

Szafnauer told the media in Canada that Piastri's first Free Practice run was not "far off", also adding it "won't be at Silverstone" that the 2021 F2 Champion takes the wheel, as quoted by Autosport.

Given the number of races left before the summer break, and with the Austria sprint making the Red Bull Ring a poor circuit to offer a rookie Free Practice time, it seems logical that France's Paul Ricard will see Piastri set his first laps behind the A522. 

The French GP, Alpine's home event, will take place just one week before the Hungarian GP and subsequent summer break. 

With speculation about Piastri's future already a consistent feature in F1 media, it seems inevitable that the Australian's Practice run will accelerate speculation about his future, which will likely only subside after his short-term future is set in stone.