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Sergio Perez has been relegated to 13th place on the grid for Saturday's Sprint race after a catalogue of errors from the FIA. 

The first suspicions began at the end of Q2, as the FIA communicated that Sergio Perez was under investigation for exceeding track limits. 

It cannot be said a driver is typically investigated for track limits after a session has concluded since it is the FIA's responsibility to identify these mistakes and issue the correct responses as they happen. 

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After looking at the replays, it was clear Perez had exceeded track limits, something Red Bull did not deny when discussing the investigation with the FIA after qualifying. 

Still, this error begs the question - why are sensors not used automatically to detect when a car has exceeded track limits? In addition, there is surely an element of subjectivity if human observations determine when someone has exceeded.

Due to the bizarre nature of this investigation, there was confusion regarding Sergio Perez's start position. Because there is no precedent of a driver retrospectively being knocked out of Q2, the FIA did not initially communicate the Red Bull driver's grid slot. 

Ultimately, Sergio Perez was demoted into P13 after the FIA deleted his final Q2 time and all of his Q3 attempts.

This quite embarrassing debacle means that Perez will have to climb up the field in tomorrow's sprint, though at least he has two races to make up for a poor qualifying.