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Despite a relatively uninspiring season battling in the midfield, McLaren is at the centre of discussion in the F1 paddock. 

Daniel Ricciardo has struggled to find his rhythm at McLaren, often unable to pinpoint the specific causes for his lack of pace. 

It would be unfair to suggest the Australian has had poor pace all season, given his very competitive performances in Jeddah, Australia and Baku.

However, considering the stellar performances we have become accustomed to seeing, there are still doubts about whether Ricciardo will rediscover his best form. 

In a recent interview with, Lando Norris has spoken about the undesirable characteristics of the MCL36:

"I do feel like it's a difficult car to drive, our car. You know, I think our characteristics which he's also had over the past few years. 

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"Even Carlos [former McLaren driver] said it, they’re quite specific and unique so some of the driving styles you need are like not ones you grow up learning, and therefore you have to adapt.

"Especially this year, the car's very different, and some of the characteristics of last year are gone, and we've introduced some other characteristics, so I've had to change my driving style.

"At the same time, I've also had to adapt to it. It's not just because I've been with McLaren for four years that I know this car inside-out.

"I struggled at the beginning of the season probably with my driving style a bit more than what Daniel struggled with initially in the first few tests, and I feel like I had to adapt quite a bit."

When Ricciardo was announced to McLaren, it seemed a perfect match, with both driver and team aspiring to climb up the field. Since then, both parties have failed to compete at the front consistently. 

Given the discrepancy in resources, it was always unrealistic for McLaren to feasibly challenge for victories. However, they now face a problem that was unprecedented when the Ricciardo-Norris combination was confirmed in 2020.

There remain 18 months on Ricciardo's contract, so barring any seismic contract termination, the papaya squad has time to address this issue.