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The Silver Arrows will be pleased with their weekend in Canada, securing strong points with both drivers again and demonstrating competitive race pace. 

In many ways, Mercedes are showing why they dominated the sport for so long, maximising their results amidst the limitations of the W13.

Operationally, the German squad has again proven itself to be extremely efficient, making fewer strategic errors than most and avoiding the reliability blunders that limit the progress of others. 

Despite lacking the pace to challenge either Red Bull or Ferrari for race victories consistently, the team's habitual top 5 finishes put them within striking distance of Ferrari in the standings. 

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It is unlikely Mercedes can drag themselves into championship contention, having failed to do so in 9 rounds. The budget cap will limit the number of upgrades they can bring, and 2022 has shown updates are no silver bullet. 

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Still, the reigning Constructors champions are optimistic they can close the gap to the front and perhaps take the occasional race win this year if their Silverstone updates are effective:

"I think, firstly, the race team executed really well this weekend. We brought the most we get could from our car in third and fourth place. 

But as a team, we're realistic with ourselves... we would have finished fifth and sixth if they [Leclerc and Perez] were in the running. 


From my point of view, what's really nice is to see a bit more pace from the car on Sunday. We're starting to understand some of our issues. We're starting to make strides forward...

We'll be bringing new bits to Silverstone, trying to get some pace from the car we've got, as well as the new bits we're going to add to it. 

I think at the same time though, we have to be honest with ourselves and say that - for the moment - we're just a little bit behind those front runners. 

I think Silverstone will be a circuit that suits us a little bit better like Barcelona did. But maybe they're [Ferrari and Red Bull] just going to be a little bit difficult [to beat]."