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There will be some time until McLaren confirms Oscar Piastri's new contract, as the team will wait for Ricciardo to find his next destination before making a formal announcement. 

This information has recently been provided by, as fans and pundits alike work to plot the upcoming developments in this transfer saga. 

Daniel Ricciardo made a statement in early July to end the rumours which - at the time - suggested his position within McLaren was precarious.

Regrettably, this statement has aged quite catastrophically, as the Woking squad has made moves behind the scenes to secure the services of Oscar Piastri for 2023 and beyond. 

McLaren informed Ricciardo that he would be replaced shortly after the Hungarian GP, giving the Australian a chance to explore his options throughout the summer. 

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The team will now wait for the 33-year-old to finalise his plans for next season before announcing Oscar Piastri's arrival.

McLaren is aware of the social media tornado that recent developments have generated and will work to ensure Ricciardo is not bombarded with questions about his future without knowing the answer. 

The ideal scenario appears for Ricciardo to slot into the remaining Alpine seat, returning to his old team, which has built a solid platform as a manufacturer.

Ricciardo will receive handsome monetary compensation for the premature termination of his contract, though it is clear his relationship with McLaren has not materialised as once hoped. 

The two parties will act professionally as their time together comes to an end, but there can only be a certain level of cordiality when a team decides to replace a driver.

At least for now, there could be some waiting before McLaren provides some clarity on recent speculation.