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Nikita Mazepin's F1 career will forever be etched in infamy and controversy, with the Russian driver's on and off-track activities drawing immense criticism from fans.

There were few in the F1 community that were angered at the news Magnussen would replace Mazepin ahead of the season opener in Bahrain.

Quite to the contrary, Magnussen's arrival at Haas (and subsequent P5 finish) was met with jubilation.


Despite losing his seat in F1, Mazepin is confident that a return to the sport is possible. provide quotes from his MatchTV interview:

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"Magnussen is in good shape after his break, he proved himself and I intend to do exactly the same and repeat his success story."

Mazepin's comparison with Magnussen is, simply put, a laughable one.

The Danish driver established himself as a solid midfield driver before he was replaced at the end of 2020, putting together impressive campaigns for both Renault and Haas. 

Financial muscle might have been an asset for Mazepin to make his F1 return, but with most teams now under stable ownership, and a new budget cap in place, it seems unlikely any team would be desperate enough to seek his services. 

What's more, there are other drivers with significant backing whose on-track ability far exceeds that of Mazepin.

The Russian driver might believe in miracles, but it could take more than that for him to find himself in an F1 car.