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Nikita Mazepin's first and only season in F1 was a memorable one - albeit for all the wrong reasons - as he quickly found himself out of his depth.

A series of events starting with Russia's invasion of Ukraine saw Haas cut ties with both Mazepin and his Uralkali sponsor during pre-season testing in Spain, as the team swiftly replaced him with Kevin Magnussen.

mazy haas

Mazepin told Russian outlet RBC in an interview that he will take Haas to court over his unpaid wages for 2022:

"When the contract was terminated, Haas had salary arrears to me for this year. And they still haven't paid it.

It seems to me that the employer should at least compensate for the salary until the moment of dismissal and, probably, pay some kind of severance pay. 

And when the whole world kicked you somewhere... it's probably wrong. But that's just my opinion. 

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maz haas

I'm just talking about the fact that contractual obligations were not fulfilled. You also need to understand that we had two independent contracts. 

And breaking the agreement with the title sponsor [Uralkali] did not have a direct impact on my future in the team. 

So they made two separate decisions. I didn't see my money, so we're going to court."

In the immediate aftermath of Mazepin's dismissal, there were suggestions that legal action would be taken against Haas, and it seems these initial reports have become a reality. 

The American outfit has insisted that their termination of Mazepin and Uralkali's contracts was legally sound. Despite this, there is no doubt that Haas will face a battle in court to avoid financially compensating their former driver.

Mazepin insists that Haas F1 went against the conditions of their contract when dismissing him and that the team's handling of the situation was incorrect. 

This entire saga is more than just business for Mazepin, who has made clear that he will be involved in the proceedings:

"This is my personal story", he said.