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Earlier this week, Helmut Marko told Servus TV that Red Bull had hired a psychologist to help Yuki Tsunoda control what he described as "rants in the corners" on team radio.

In light of this, Verstappen was amongst several drivers asked to give their thoughts on the impact of team radio outbursts.

Speaking very candidly, Verstappen dismissed the idea that showing emotion on team radio is always detrimental to performance. 

"Over the years, you look back at what you can do better. I sometimes get a bit upset on the radio. I don't think it influences my performance.

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It's more about if things don't go well, if something is badly executed, or if I have a problem. 

I think if the day comes that I'm not going to be upset about these things anymore, then I'm not interested in the sport anymore.

For me, it's also because I care about my result and I care about what I'm delivering at the weekend that I sometimes get upset about these things, but it's not influencing my performance."

The other drivers in the press conference held a similar view, with Carlos Sainz stressing the importance of "balance" when communicating with the team, highlighting that it is also a problem if you lack assertiveness. 

It was undoubtedly an awkward moment for Yuki Tsunoda, whose team radio etiquette is hardly an anomaly compared to the rest of the grid. 

After a difficult sequence of race weekends for the youngster, it might provide some comfort that other drivers thought very little of the matter.

Still, Tsunoda will look to alleviate some of the pressure on him with good performances this weekend.