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Ferrari's season has been defined by missed opportunities and unforced errors, with poor strategy and reliability playing their part in the Scuderia taking themselves out of the title fight.

Extensive criticisms have been made about Ferrari's strategy department, with significant points being lost in Silverstone, Monaco and Hungary from the team's often baffling strategic decisions. 

Mattia Binotto, however, insists that changing personnel is not the correct course of action fo Ferrari to take, as quoted by

"There's nothing to change. I think it's always a matter of confidence, learning, building, building experience, [and] building skills."

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"But if I look again at the balance of the first half of the season, there is no reason why we should change. I think we simply need to understand [the strategy in Hungary] and address that and try to be competitive, as we have been in 12 races so far. 

"There is no reason why we will not be [competitive] at the next [races this year]."

Binotto's responses post-Hungary are hardly a surprise, given his persistent defence of the team and refusal to admit Ferrari's errors and shortcomings. 

The lack of accountability at Ferrari is often mentioned as one of the biggest issues with the Maranello squad, which has shown a clear aversion to acknowledging its own mistakes.