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Mattia Binotto has echoed the sentiment of rival team principal Christian Horner, suggesting that teams will hit the limit of the budget cap very soon.

The Ferrari boss has spoken about the need for the budget cap to be raised, which he believes will be necessary to counter the effects of inflation. Binotto gave some of his thoughts to motorsportweek:

"Six per cent of inflation is really a lot of pressure on our shoulders. We could not have prepared ourselves for such high inflation. 

So I'm pretty sure that all of us, and not only the top three teams, medium teams, will hit the budget cap very soon in the season."


Ironically, it's the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull - the teams with the greatest resources - that have been most vocal in their complaints about the cost cap.

Smaller outfits such as Haas and Alfa Romeo - represented by their team principals Guenther Steiner and Fred Vasseur - have remained adamant that the budget cap must be respected. 

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Alpine's Otmar Szafnauer has also rejected suggestions the cap should be increased, arguing that teams should have accounted for inflation before the season began:

"If everybody learns the cap is not going to be increased, they stop lobbying for it, and they actually plan better", Szafnauer told the Guardian earlier this year.

"We planned for this and made decisions that are irreversible. We have done a good job, so I can't support increasing the cap because others haven't. It would definitely tilt the playing field and favour those who took risks we didn't take."

2022 Spanish Grand Prix Sunday

A decision to increase the budget cap could set an unwanted precedent going forward, this being that the cost cap can be adjusted mid-season. 

The likes of Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Haas will also feel punished for having made the correct adjustments pre-season if the budget cap is raised at the request of rival teams. 

Binotto might be correct in saying that inflation makes life more difficult, but with smaller teams accounting for the inflation well, Ferrari and Red Bull might have to just get on with it.