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Calendar discussion has become intense in recent months, with developments about the future of circuits such as Spa leading to increased scrutiny on the eventual composition of the 2023 calendar.

Another city has put itself forward to host an F1 Grand Prix in the future, with Madrid's senior political figures signing off letters to Stefano Domenicali, informing the CEO that the Spanish capital is ready for Formula 1.

Spanish outlet antena3 has reported on this new development, with Madrid's government making their intentions to join Barcelona on the F1 calendar clear: 

"The government of Madrid has a great interest in making it possible. We are prepared to work with you and your team to bring Formula 1 to Madrid", declares the Government of the Community of Madrid, in their letter which can be seen in full below: 

madrid letter

Enrique Lopez, Spanish Cabinet Minister, believes Madrid has been experiencing notable economic and social progress in recent years (given the broader context) and is thus a suitable location. 

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In addition to this, officials are confident in the "efficient transport system, good weather, cultural and natural environmental attractions" in the city, alongside "a good infrastructure and a very diverse commercial offer."

Ultimately, all the flowery descriptions given by senior politicians in Madrid will have little impact on whether F1 considers Madrid a suitable venue for the future.

2022 Spanish Grand Prix Saturday (3)

It is no secret that Domenicali's priority is F1's expansion, and since there is already an established race in Barcelona, another event in Spain may not be seen as necessary. 

With that said, there have been plenty of discussions about F1 alternating different circuits on the calendar, so it seems sensible for venues interested in hosting a race to clarify their intentions.

There has also been little resistance to the addition of more street circuits, so the prospect of Madrid hosting a street race is unlikely to discourage Liberty Media if other requirements are met.