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There is no denying that Nicholas Latifi's future in F1 does not seem very bright, as Alex Albon continues to execute significantly better qualifying and race performances. 

Latifi hasn't ignored the fact he must show improvement if he is to rectify his current situation, but following the Canadian GP, he gave more questions than answers:

"In terms of the actual on-track stuff, there was nothing really enjoyable about the race.

We were just lacking a lot of pace. We have to try and understand why because at the moment, there's no answers."

Latifi future
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This has been a consistent theme of the Canadian's season so far, as he fails to identify the issues which have led to such poor performances. 

At this stage of the season, it seems unlikely there is some fundamental problem with his FW44 machine, so the logical conclusion is that Latifi is responsible for underperforming. 

Success in Formula 1 is undoubtedly reliant on several factors, but the common denominator in Latifi's inadequate drives is Latifi himself, and it seems unlikely there will be a significant turn in form. 

Latifi continued to explain his current dilemma:

"Low fuel, high fuel, the pace is just not there, so we have two weeks now to try and do a bit of analysis because it's not just this race, it's even from the previous ones.

There's something not quite right there. We'll see what we can find."