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After making consistent gains under the previous set of regulations, McLaren is experiencing something of a setback in 2022, as they look behind to defend their position from the midfield rather than attack the front runners. 

With McLaren's chances of fighting for victories with these regulations appearing slim, some have questioned Norris' decision to sign a contract extension until the end of 2025. 

Norris insists that the criticisms of his new deal are not worth paying attention to, as he explained to Sky F1

"They're clueless!" Norris joked in response to those who question his McLaren contract extension. 

"I don't know why... everyone thinks they know, he definitely could have gone here, he could have done that.

LN McLaren
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But most of the time, they know absolutely nothing, all these people coming up with these conclusions.

I have a good team around me, so we know where I want to be and when and what the team can offer me going into the future.

I still believe it's the best place for me because it's where I've grown up, I know what we have coming.

I have played, let's say, a little bit more of a long-term game rather than short-term."

The 22-year-old has established himself as an integral part of McLaren's success, being responsible for most of the team's points this season.

Given his speed and potential to improve, it is unsurprising that the Woking team was eager to offer him a new contract before this season began. 

With that said, Norris will have almost certainly ensured his agreement contains performance clauses, demanding guarantees from McLaren that the machinery at his disposal will be at a certain level. 

In the next few seasons, it will be intriguing to see how successfully McLaren can convince the Briton that they can climb to the top of the field.