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Aston Martin introduced their b-spec car at the Spanish GP, drawing attention from much of the F1 field. This scrutiny was mainly because of Aston Martin's new design, which looked very similar to the RB18.

In the two races Aston Martin has competed with their new concept, they have found themselves on the edge of the points, lacking the speed to take points comfortably but capable of capitalising on mistakes from other teams to finish in the top 10. 

This is something of a step backwards from their performance pre-upgrade, given Aston Martin's strong pace in Miami and Emilia Romagna.

However, this upgrade package is expected to yield more long-term benefits, with the AMR22 described as having more potential in its current configuration, as Lance Stroll described when speaking to

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"I think that with the modified AMR22, there are many more opportunities than the previous version. 

With the launch version, we were competitive in some races, like Imola and Miami.

But with this car, last weekend in Barcelona, we really struggled. So I think it's the nature of the track that makes us go well or not.

Maybe we still have to work on the high-speed tracks. We are weaker in that type of track. 

On the low-speed corners, on the other hand, the car appears to be much more competitive, and I think there are opportunities to further develop the car."