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Williams CEO Jost Capito admits that Logan Sargeant's recent form in Formula 2 has made the team's decision for their 2022 lineup slightly more complex.

The young American has taken a sequence of Feature race wins in Formula 2 and positioned himself as one of the hottest prospects in the series. 

Oscar Piastri has long been reported as the main target for Williams, especially because the Grove-based team is expected to negotiate an engine deal with Alpine/Renault in the future. 

Whilst this is true, Jost Capito admitted to that Logan Sargeant winning Formula 2 could complicate the team's decision-making:

"It would be a great headache, wouldn't it?

"I've had worse ones [headaches]. Of course, we are impressed, it's his first season in F2. We didn't put any pressure on him, so he has the time to develop.

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"He's really impressed us with how fast he has got to grips with the car, about the tyre management and getting results."

However, an issue for Logan Sargeant is that - despite his strong performances - he is currently 3rd in the championship and not driving at quite the level of Oscar Piastri when he competed in F2. 

Piastri's junior career is slightly more impressive than Sargeant's, and the Alpine junior has surely been in negotiations with Williams for some time. Sargeant has only emerged as a candidate for an F1 seat in the last month. 

Capito also mentioned the issue of superlicense points:

"He needs the superlicence points, and for that, he has to finish in the top five in the championship. At the moment, it looks good.

"But you know, you can always get the other way pretty quickly. So it's quite tricky to take early decisions on something on an F2 driver as long as the season is not over.

So that's part of the decision-making, of course."