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Formula 2 prodigy Jack Doohan has shown glimpses of promise this season as he looks to catapult himself into an impressive senior career once he leaves the series. 

The Australian still aims to become an F1 driver, but as he told F1 Feeder Series, he made a choice to join the Alpine academy because of the unique benefits the French team offers:

"I was going to be sticking with Red Bull for this season, and Alpine made an offer for us to move their academy at the beginning of September of last year. 

"It wasn't until I think the middle of October that I went up to the factory... after my first day there, I was quite certain of where I wanted to be."

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Doohan stressed that the benefits of Alpine's academy are far beyond F1, as the team offers opportunities in a variety of different categories. 

The Virtuosi driver is aware of the series beyond Formula 1, and hopes to position himself to seize openings in numerous series.  

"The rate of transition to F1 has not been as high [with Alpine] as with other academies. So initially, as an outsider, not knowing so much about the academy, you would think, as my goal is F1, that I want to be in a position where I can be promoted to that...

"But after looking into the details and opportunities I would be given, it was almost a no-brainer. 

"Look at the opportunities that I've been given to date, not only the F1 test but the availability to learn off all the engineers, the best of the F1 team and also on a wider branch of the LMP project."