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Red Bull's development in 2022 has been as solid as ever, recovering from a disastrous sequence of retirements at the start of the year to take the championship lead. 

Reliability has been a critical area for Red Bull and rivals Ferrari to address this season, with DNFs for Verstappen and Leclerc respectively leading to tremendous swings n the standings. 

Red Bull has again proven highly competent at improving their weaknesses, whilst their Italian colleagues have overseen a significant regression in the reliability of the F1-75 after the opening rounds. 


It seems plausible that Red Bull's race victories in Imola Jeddah, whilst marred by retirements, forced Ferrari to push further to the limit in its search for the limit, making the second iteration of Ferrari's power unit more susceptible to problems. 

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Moving forward, Red Bull will look to continue their run of consecutive race wins, but no there will be no major upgrades before the summer break, Christian Horner told racingnews365:

"I wouldn't say anything big [in terms of upgrades]. It's a very modest evolution. 

Components are introduced as components come to the end of their life, so it's a very different form of development to what you see in previous years."

Horner also made reference to the importance of raising the budget cap, highlighting the unforeseen levels of inflation and the impacts they will have on teams. 

The budget cap debate will undoubtedly continue into the summer break, so until then, Red Bull must avoid making the same blunders that allowed them back in this championship battle. 

As we've seen on plenty of occasions this year, upgrades are far from a silver bullet, and Red Bull is more than capable of finding lap time in the RB18 without making tremendous changes.