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Ferrari has struggled tremendously this season, unable to maximise the apparent potential of the F1-75 due to a combination of persistent operational mistakes and reliability failures.

Perhaps the greatest demonstration of Ferrari's shortcomings this season comes from a recent Helmut Marko interview with

Marko spoke openly about how much more intense the 2021 season was in comparison to this year, with the Le Mans winner adding that he and the Red Bull team feel sorry for their Italian rivals:

"Almost every weekend is a pleasure, very different from last season when everything was nerve-wracking [against Mercedes]. 

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"It's just a bit of a shame that Ferrari makes so many mistakes. They're beaten below their value, we really feel sorry for them.

"But once again, they'll be back. They have such a powerful car."

Marko's description of Ferrari is accurate, as the Maranello-based team continues to make schoolboy errors that ruin their chances of competing for the championship. 

The 2022 F1 season was perfectly poised for an intense battle between Ferrari and Red Bull from start to finish. 

Instead, the Austrian squad comfortably leads both championships after taking advantage of Ferrari's string of errors in the first half of the season.

Whilst plenty can happen with the races left on the calendar, only disaster at Red Bull could prevent them from taking both of F1's crowns.