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Pressure is an inherent part of F1 championship battles. With Ferrari's recent collapse at the Monaco GP (alongside their recent failures in title fights), there have been concerns about the Scuderia's chances in a year-long battle. 

Charles Leclerc was a frustrated figure at the end of his home Grand Prix, with a strategic blunder from Ferrari costing him an opportunity to take race victory at his home circuit.

Not only did the Monegasque lose the race victory, but Ferrari gifted Verstappen a podium, further worsening the points loss in the championship.

In an interview with, Helmut Marko was asked for his assessment on various aspects:

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"You are under pressure. Leclerc has a hard time with that and makes mistakes. This is racing. In Monaco we forced Ferrari to to react with our pit strategy and they reacted instinctively wrong."

The off-track war of words between Ferrari and Red Bull became a significant part of last year's championship battle. It looks as though we could see a continuation of that this season, with the early amiability between the two sides undoubtedly about to end.