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Lewis Hamilton crossed the line in Canada to take a strong P3, his second podium of the season, in a race where Mercedes again proved they have a car that is comfortably the third-fastest. 

The 7-time World Champion's race initially seemed to be against Fernando Alonso, as the former teammates gapped the rest of the grid in the opening stint. 

Then the first virtual safety car arrived, an event which Mercedes capitalised on to gain significant time on Alonso, who was ruined by a combination of baffling strategy calls and reliability problems. 

Hamilton's race went very smoothly thereafter, showing consistently strong lap times and managing tyre wear throughout the Grand Prix. 

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Looking ahead, Hamilton is cautiously optimistic about what Mercedes can bring to Silverstone: 

"When you get a full race distance, you find a lot out with the car. A lot to take from today, [we've] got really good reliability.

Great work from the team. We just got to keep our heads down. I know where I'm losing to these guys, so that's where I'm going to focus on attacking to improve...

It's better in medium and high-speed corners than low-speed, but we have bouncing, so I don't know how it's going to be in Copse."

Mercedes might lack the raw pace that allowed them to dominate F1 for years, but they remain an extremely competent team operationally, maximising their package from weekend to weekend. 

Their reliability has also been a tremendous asset, allowing the Silver Arrows to pick up the pieces from the struggles of their rivals.