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Despite lacking the pace to fight for this year's championship, the headlines have never left Mercedes, as numerous fans and media outlets have clung to the expectation that the Silver Arrows can find a way back to the front. 

This is an unrealistic belief, however, as Mercedes are yet to consistently show the pace to challenge for wins, and their upgrades for Montreal appear to have fallen short of expectations. 


Lewis Hamilton described his Friday as a disaster, giving his thoughts on the team's position after FP2:

"Nothing we do generally to this car seems to work, so we're trying different set-ups.

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Me and George went with much different set-ups in this P2 to see if one-way works and one way doesn't. I'll wait to hear how it felt for him, but for me, it was a disaster.

It's like the car's getting worse. It's getting more and more unhappy the more we do to it. I don't know, we'll keep working on it. It is what it is.

I think this is the car for the year, so we'll just have to tough it out and work hard on building a better car for next year.

It's the worse that I've ever felt any car here, so I'm hoping overnight we can try and make some changes. But fundamentally, it's just the fundamentals of the car, it is what it is. It's going to be a struggle.

It's just a monumental fight the whole time to keep it out of the wall."

Mercedes should never be discounted from getting a good result, as the German squad has proven capable of maximising its package to score good points this year, as demonstrated by George Russell's Sunday form.

However, Mercedes are now looking behind them rather than ahead as the midfield closes in on the reigning constructors' champions.