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Lewis Hamilton has faced several elite competitors throughout his F1 career, but the media asked the 7-time Champion to name the most difficult he faced.

Ahead of this weekend's action in France, Hamilton named former teammate Fernando Alonso as his greatest adversary in the sport:

"I think it's difficult to say who has necessarily been my strongest competitor because every time you're with someone, you're in a different place of your life.

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"I remember the task of being alongside Fernando when I was 22, you know, I was so young mentally and of course OK in terms of skill, but it's a lot of pressure to go up against a great like him.

"So I would say out of pure pace, I think I would say it's Fernando and his ability. We had some good battles. I wish we could have had more. Hopefully, he will continue to race, and hopefully, we will have more in the future."

Whilst Hamilton and Alonso have been fierce rivals on the track, there has been mutual respect between the competitors after such extensive careers in the sport. 

Both drivers demonstrate that age is not a limiting factor in performance and continue to drive at the highest level as the oldest drivers on the grid.