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Haas is yet to bring any significant upgrades in the 2022 season, with Guenther Steiner stressing that maximising set-up is more important than bringing forward significant upgrades. 

Previously, Steiner has mentioned that the French GP would be the race where Haas would look to bring their first upgrade package. 

According to AMuS, Haas will be unable to prepare their updates in time for France and will instead aim to have them ready for the Hungarian GP. 

In addition, Guenther Steiner has revealed that this upgrade package will be the last one of 2022 before the team shifts its focus to 2023.

Haas's team principal told AMuS about the team's trajectory:

"We originally planned with France, but now it looks more like Hungary. First, we wanted to check something in the wind tunnel. But now we're working with all our might on the reproduction of the parts

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You will be able to see the difference in the car. I hope that we can also make decent progress in terms of performance

We will then shift our focus to next year's car and are not planning any further upgrades.

If we find anything else in development that will help us this year, then we may produce parts for the current model again."

The American outfit has struggled to convert its pace into points this year, slowly falling down the constructors' standings since the first round in Bahrain.

Despite their failure to match the likes of Alpine, McLaren, or even Alpha Tauri, the VF-22's pace has never been a significant issue. 

Haas has probably fallen back slightly relative to the competition in terms of speed. Still, the reality is that the team's descent in the standings is more due to operational oversights and driver error. 

Regardless of their major limitation this year, some might be slightly underwhelmed at the news that Haas will bring no upgrades in the second half of the season, though most teams will slow down development as the year progresses.

After sacrificing the last two years for these regulations, it seems plausible that Aston Martin could leave Haas in the dust in the constructors, condemning the American team to P9 in the championship.