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Guenther Steiner has revealed Haas will wait before bringing significant upgrades to their VF-22 machine. 

The American team has struggled to maintain their impressive form from the first round at Bahrain, averaging less than two points per race weekend since then. 

A combination of driver error and a decline in pace has seen Haas fall to 8th in the constructors. With Aston Martin showing great promise in Imola and Miami, Haas must ensure they are not vulnerable to the teams behind them before looking forward. 

Haas principal, Guenther Steiner, has spoken to about the team's development strategy: 

"We have a good upgrades package in about four or five races coming, so I'm confident about that and what the other ones are bringing. As of right now I don't know, but I will know a lot more next Monday". 

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Upgrades are not necessarily the be-all and end-all in F1, as lap time can be found just as easily with set-up optimisation. 

This season, there have been several examples of teams introducing upgrades that have generated sub-optimal results. Mercedes, for example, have lost time relative to Red Bull and Ferrari throughout the season, despite their quite relentless upgrade campaign.

Not bringing major upgrades isn't necessarily catastrophic for Haas, but the team must ensure it is not left behind. 

As recognised by Guenther Steiner himself, "normally Spain is the obvious place to bring upgrades, and I think quite a few teams are planning them".

At the Spanish GP this weekend, following the potential improvements of other teams, Haas must ensure their rivals do not leave them behind. 

When considering that Mick Schumacher is struggling to hit his stride, and with Kevin Magnussen having a plateau in form, Haas must consistently give their drivers the tools to score points to stay competitive in the midfield.