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Haas F1's long-awaited upgrade package has arrived for this weekend's Hungarian GP, albeit only to the VF-22 machine of Kevin Magnussen. 

Reports emerged from the start of the week that Haas's updates would be heavily influenced by Ferrari, which would be unsurprising given the increased collaboration between the teams in recent years. 

When questioned about the Ferrari-style updates introduced by Haas for this weekend, Guenther Steiner's response was as honest as ever:

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"I expect to be fast. If somebody says we copy, then why should we copy the Williams?", quote Steiner as saying.

"I mean, no disrespect to Williams, but it's a completely different concept, and they are behind us. So if you copy something, you copy the best. At the moment, it's Ferrari and Red Bull.


"We have the same engine as Ferrari, same gearbox, the same suspension. Why would we copy anything else? And they're winning races. So one and one is two; we are not stupid.

"There are three concepts out there: the Ferrari concept, Red Bull concept and Mercedes concept. We are close to Ferrari, so obviously, we're going to see what Ferrari has done and copy that one."