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Haas F1's season has gone downhill since the team's dream P5 finish at the Bahrain GP, as the American outfit has struggled to match the results of its midfield rivals.

Amidst the team's concerns for 2022 are the mounting costs of repairs from crashes, which have largely been an area of focus at Mick Schumacher's side of the garage.

Guenther Steiner spoke to about Schumacher's struggles this year, in addition to the effect his various incidents have had on Haas F1's budget:

"It's just not possible to continue like this, and he knows that...

Obviously, he wants to score points, and if you crash into the wall, you don't score points. He knows that, so it's like putting pressure on and telling him you shouldn't go and crash. I don't do that... because I think they know that they shouldn't be crashing.

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We have passed that allowance [for crashes]. We passed that in Jeddah. We are in front of the allowance, I would love to be in front of how many points we scored, but we are in front of the allowance for crashes."

saudi mick crash

Guenther Steiner emphasised that the budget cap is not a concern for Haas, as the team is already operating below the cap. The main issue is the expense and cost of these sizeable incidents, which are quickly adding up even at this early stage of the season. 

Crashes aside, Steiner will demand more from his driver pairing, who have tallied only five points since the first round. If Haas is to keep themselves in the fight for P7 in the constructors with Alpha Tauri (and stay ahead of the resurging Aston Martin team) they must make improvements.

Mick Schumacher's mistakes have been costly, and whilst he has not been terribly off Magnussen's pace, it will be pivotal for both drivers to maximise the package at their disposal. 

Haas is yet to bring significant upgrades, with Guenther Steiner maintaining that upgrades will not arrive for a few more rounds. However, upgrades have not been the team's major issue this season, proving competitive enough to fight for points in most Grand Prix this season. 

Questionable strategies, driver error and other operational hiccups have been costly for Haas F1. This will force the team to ensure these unforced errors are cut down for the remainder of the season if they are to avoid slipping further down in the standings.