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Jewellery has become an unexpected point of contention in F1 this season, as the FIA clamps down on drivers wearing items of jewellery in races.

Lewis Hamilton and Pierre Gasly are among the drivers who have pushed back against the FIA's recent campaign to prevent drivers from wearing jewellery. 

According to a source from racingnews365, drivers will not be forced to remove jewellery for the Monaco GP this weekend, as discussions between drivers and the FIA continue to take place on this issue.

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The regulations detailing jewellery use in F1 are not new, having been in the sport for over a decade. However, the FIA's enforcement of this issue has become far more intense this season than in previous years.

Drivers will almost certainly insist in discussions with the FIA that they maintain the right to wear personal jewellery during Grand Prix. Drivers will argue they can make their own judgements and weigh up the risks of wearing jewellery in the cockpit. 

The FIA will want to hold its ground, but given most of the jewellery worn by drivers is of personal or religious significance, it seems inevitable there will be some form of compromise between both parties. 

Ultimately, it is regrettable that jewellery has become a legitimate point of discussion this year, so hopefully, the FIA and the drivers can reach a reasonable solution.