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Aston Martin's B-spec car has already generated immense controversy, earning the "Green Red Bull" label within moments of entering the paddock. 

This is hardly surprising, given the undeniable similarities between Aston Martin's new car and Red Bull's package. 

It was only two years ago that the Silverstone-based team were deducted 15 points after the teams protested about the similarities between the RP20 and W10. 

In the same way that Haas received criticism from other teams following questions surrounding their relationship with Ferrari, Aston Martin is receiving scrutiny throughout the F1 grid. 

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According to German outlet AMuS, Aston Martin has shown the FIA data proving the design for the B-spec AMR22 was in the wind tunnel model last Autumn. 

Given Aston Martin recently signed former Red Bull employee Dan Fallows and a variety of other Red Bull and Mercedes engineers, it is not difficult to see why there is suspicion. 

Dan Fallows gave his explanation

"The values ​​in the wind tunnel got better and better, and the curve showing how much downforce we would get for it pointed steeply upwards. A month later, we then discovered that we weren't getting any further. That we had to place the car higher and higher the more downforce we grabbed onto it. And that made the car fall out the window that we designed it for. So we were moving backwards."

Aston Martin's two concepts for 2022 are drastically different, but a difficult start to the season has clearly shown which direction is the right one to follow. 

It would be miraculous if Aston Martin weren't subject to further investigation from the FIA, and this will especially be the case if their B-spec car performs well.