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The Formula 1 calendar has undergone various changes over the last few seasons, and it looks as though the addition of South Africa will be another. 

Several key figures have voiced their hopes of F1 returning to South Africa, including Stefano Domenicali, as quoted by

"We have two options for a new race, and the most likely to hopefully happen soon is South Africa.

It's part of our agenda, and there is a commitment to see if this could be on the calendar as soon as possible."

Stefano Domenicali has made no secret about his desire to increase the number of races on the calendar. While Domenicali's comments about a 30-race season were blown out of proportion, the F1 CEO appears set to increase the number of races on the calendar.

Concerns have been raised about the intensity of the calendar and its effects on F1 personnel, but this seems a secondary factor for Domenicali, who has maintained that more races will be beneficial in growing the sport and expanding into different markets.

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A rotating calendar has been suggested as a remedy for the increased interest from potential host venues, but the sense remains that F1's calendar will only grow from here.

Lewis Hamilton

South Africa was most recently on the F1 Calendar during the nation's apartheid system of segregation and discrimination.

The 1985 South African GP saw the drivers protest against the event, but much like in Saudi Arabia this year, the race went ahead.

Looking ahead to future editions of the South Africa GP, a healthy balance sheet will be a critical factor in deciding which venues will be given calendar slots. 

Still, given that F1 (a World Championship) is without an African race, it seems overdue for South Africa to make a return to the calendar.