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Formula 1 has announced a blockbuster contract extension with the Australian GP, guaranteeing that the sport will return to Melbourne until at least 2035. It has also been confirmed that Formula 3 and Formula 2 will race at Albert Park next season. 

The Australian GP has been held in Melbourne for over 25 years, and there has been a significant push to improve the circuit's facilities and paddock, in addition to modifications made to the track itself. 

Melbourne traditionally hosted the opening round of the F1 season, but the global pandemic and popularity of the Bahrain GP saw the Australian circuit lose this position on its return this year. 

It is unconfirmed at which part of the calendar Melbourne will be held in 2023, but it is unlikely to take its old position as the season opener. 

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The Australian GP has provided some memorable moments, but has struggled to produce some of the wheel-to-wheel racing that fans demand in recent years, leading to the circuit being changed for 2022. 

These changes were first implemented this year's race, with the Albert Park circuit having been made wider to allow for more side-by-side action, in addition to modifications made to the middle sector to make it easier for following cars. 

In truth, these changes did very little, as overtaking was still relatively non-existent in the 2022 edition of the race. 

With that said, the Australian GP's former role as season opener gives it a special place in the hearts of many fans, and whilst an extension until 2035 seems gargantuan, fans have generally welcomed the continuation of the event.